Booking Terms and Conditions

By hiring Ryan Grant (the artiste advertised on this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


Ryan Grant is a professional Singer, Saxophone player and DJ. The following terms and conditions apply when you, “the Client” hires Ryan’s services. These include general terms and cancellation policy.

Booking Agreements With Ryan Grant

1. Bookings made through this website are by default for the music artiste Ryan Grant unless otherwise stated and agreed with you, the Client.

2.1 A ‘booking’ is an instance in which Ryan Grant is hired by yourself, the Client, to provide a service; perform and play music (e.g sing live, play saxophone live or play pre-recorded music) at an Event, Wedding or Function on a specific pre-agreed date.

2.2 All bookings are based on the services provided and not the number of guests or personal factors and circumstances relating to the Client.

3. Written correspondence (including emails, text messages or letters) between the client and Ryan Grant constitutes a booking agreement, and will outline the agreed event date, event location, booking length/timings, performance (set) duration and any fees payable (deposit and balance).

4. A non-refundable deposit (amount specified and agreed with Ryan Grant at time of booking) secures your booking and must be paid within 48 hours of your booking request. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, no booking is officially confirmed until a deposit is paid.

5. The remainder of the outlined booking fee “the balance” is payable via bank transfer no later than 3-weeks prior to the event date, unless otherwise agreed in writing (text, email, letter) that the balance can be paid at a later date. Once paid, the payment balance is non-refundable. The use of another payment method (cash, cheque, PayPal) is permitted if agreed by Ryan Grant in writing.

6. It is the responsibility of you, the Client, to ensure the correct details including venue address are provided to Ryan Grant via email or writing prior to the event.

7. The client is responsible for ensuring appropriate event or wedding insurance is in place.

8. The Client must ensure basic act provisions are in place. These include; soft drinks and at least one available accessible electrical socket. The Client is responsible for providing a suitable performance area and parking outside the venue or as a minimum, a loading bay to ensure all equipment can be brought into the venue.

9. Performance times e.i the scheduled time in which the performance(s) take place are flexible, but must remain within the longer pre-agreed booking duration. If no fixed booking duration is set or agreed in advance, booking times and subsequently performance times are subject to Ryan Grant’s latest availability.

Cancellation Policy – Cancellation by the Client (You)

10. Cancellation of the booking by the Client must be intimated in writing. If the Client wishes to cancel the services agreed, the Client agrees to inform Ryan Grant immediately. Cancellations are in effect at the time in which the correspondence is sent.

11. All paid booking / deposit fees are non-refundable.

12. Cancellations can be made with loss of deposit only providing the cancellation is made in writing with 365 days or more notice prior to the event date. For cancellations made with less than 365 days notice but more than 150 days notice, a cancellation fee totalling 25% of the balance is payable to Ryan Grant. For cancellations made with 150 days or less until your event date, you as the client are liable to pay Ryan Grant the remaining balance fee for your booking within 14 days of cancellation.

13. In circumstances for reasons other than ‘change of mind’ e.i when events cannot legally take place or are cancelled by the client as a result of force majeure and through no fault of the Client or Artiste, Ryan Grant will offer the opportunity to reschedule or postpone your event and transfer the booking; carrying forward any fees paid and fees still payable. Ryan Grant shall not be liable for refunds of any kind.

13.1 In all other circumstances in which the Client cancels the booking but not through ‘change of mind’, Ryan may also offer the option to reschedule or postpone your booking at his discretion, should this remain appropriate.

13.2 All postponed events would take place within 12 months of the original event date and are subject to Ryan Grant’s availability. Ryan Grant reserves the right to make additional charges if changing the booking to a non-equivalent date, e.g from a Sunday booking to a Saturday.  Unless an extended period of postponement is otherwise agreed in writing, the client has 90 days from the point of cancellation to confirm the rescheduled date for the rearranged event. At this stage, if any monies are still due, 25% of the current balance should be paid as a commitment to the new date.  This is non-refundable. If a new date cannot or is not arranged, standard cancellation charges apply. If the rearranged date / event is cancelled and the performance cannot not take place, in all circumstances the full balance is payable, although Ryan may offer in exceptional circumstances the opportunity to reschedule again.

Cancellation Policy – Cancellation by the artiste (Ryan Grant)

14. In the extremely unlikely event that Ryan Grant is unable to fulfil the engagement due to circumstances beyond reasonable control, including but not limited to, ‘Acts of God’, adverse weather, epidemic, civil unrest, industrial action or war, Ryan Grant will not be liable for providing refunds of any kind. However, if the event is cancelled prior due to circumstances beyond reasonable control (force majeure), Ryan Grant will agree to reschedule the booking and perform at a rearranged date, as outlined in term number ’13’.

14.1 Additionally, Ryan Grant will be entitled to terminate any booking agreement without liability (other than a full refund of monies paid by the Client), if for any reason(s) Ryan Grant is unable to arrive at the venue and/or is unable to perform, outside the reasonable control of the act, including but not limited to the following incidents:

  • Fire or theft of equipment / vehicle
  • Illness or injury resulting in Ryan Grant being unable or not fit to perform
  • Breakdown of vehicle / accident
  • Severe / unavoidable travel delays
  • Other emergency or bereavement

In these circumstances any monies paid to Ryan Grant by the Client in relation to the booking will also be refunded within 14 days.

14.2 In the unlikely event of a cancellation by Ryan Grant, he will use his network of contacts to try and find a suitable replacement artiste of similar calibre. He may, on occasion, act as an agent on the replacement artiste’s behalf to finalise arrangements with you, the Client. If in the event Ryan Grant is unable to provide or recommend an available and acceptable replacement artiste directly, he will refer you to one of the entertainment agencies that also represent him.

15 – Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions and the relationship between you and Ryan Grant shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales and Ryan Grant and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.